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Refuse to be discouraged

February 29, 2012

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” may well apply at this point. You may find yourself seemingly defeated at every attempt to better your life. But you must remember that every idea of merit that you entertain adds to the sum total of the concept of good you want manifested in your […]

Feeling stuck…

February 28, 2012

Hopeless and frustrated. Are you in the mist of a limiting situation that has you feeling stranded or trapped? You are not alone. Everyone is destined to feel stuck from time to time due to the fact that humans are always growing, always changing and always evolving. Always striving to achieve one goal after another. Consequently when […]

Everyone needs one of these

February 24, 2012

A Friend by Sir Shotgun A friend is the one who tells you the truth regardless of the cost, A friend will help you find the thing’s you’d given up as lost A friend will never put you down or make you feel alone, He’ll smile and try to comfort you ’cause together you have […]

Transition Period

February 22, 2012

Transition by Robin Masiewicz of Robin’s Nest It is the gap of transition that shakes us. Those moments before true movement has been achieved, that bring us to a level of uncertainty. Let us embrace those moments when change has not yet come. To see that this is a necessary moment, before a new race […]

Your Dreams May Be Closer Than You Think

February 20, 2012

Don’t give Up! There may be times when you feel as if you have taken a million steps towards your dreams, and acted on your plans, only to find yourself in the same place that you began from. At times like this, you must not give up. You must continue on. Though you may feel […]


February 17, 2012

“You can be absolutely certain that when you feel you are being most unfairly tested, you are being prepared for great achievement.” Napoleon Hill Click here to visit us on Facebook… Related articles Napoleon Hill on Reputation (mrhighvibration.wordpress.com) Napoleon Hill Foundation Quote1 (October 23, 2009) (ladkat.wordpress.com) Think and Grow Rich (thebestebookstop.wordpress.com) Success In Life (thekindnesskronicles.wordpress.com)

Can we all just get along

February 15, 2012

People can be to you only what you are to them. Not only in the way you act, but in the way you think they reflect back to you what you really are. Regardless of the way you may act toward others, it is what you actually think about them that determines their reactions to […]

Limit Yourself

February 13, 2012

No you did not read incorrectly. This is not a typo. I meant to type limit yourself. Now when I say limit yourself, it can be looked at from two different perspectives. You can either limit yourself  from a positive way of thinking or limit yourself from a negative way of thinking. At times you may […]

Crashes are good

February 10, 2012

Now when I say crash I don’t mean a head on collision or a sudden collapse in a business, rather I’m referring to the failures we experience in life. “A crash means we have failed. We gave it everything we had and came up short. A crash does not mean we are losers. A crash […]

Don’t put me off

February 8, 2012

“Procrastination is something best put off until tomorrow.” Gerald Vaughan Procrastination (at its finest) by Paige I have to finish my homework Before Im allowed to have fun But I’ve been sitting here for hours And still I am not done! All weekend All Day All night It just doesn’t end!!! Because I never do […]