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Don’t put me off

“Procrastination is something best put off until tomorrow.” Gerald Vaughan

Procrastination (at its finest) by Paige

I have to finish my homework
Before Im allowed to have fun
But I’ve been sitting here for hours
And still I am not done!

All weekend
All Day
All night
It just doesn’t end!!!
Because I never do my homework
I just sit here and pretend!

I have chats minimized
So my parents will not see
When they come inside my room
to check on my homework and me

I have great excuses
When they ask whats taking so long
“I had to start all over, mom,
I got the answers wrong!”

I have 12 essays due tomorrow
On a book I haven’t read.
Oh, I could write them now.
But I’ll just eat instead.

Yes, everything in this poem
Is very, very true.
As u can see I’m still stalling
By writing this poem for you.

I have study hall to finish
So I feel okay
I can’t wait to go to sleep
So I can waste more time away!

Sound familiar? There have definitely been times where I’ve put the things I knew I should do now off until later. But I’ve learned that during those times I have to push through those moments of procrastination by changing my mindset and making myself do it. The best way to get something done is to begin.

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