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Limit Yourself

No you did not read incorrectly. This is not a typo. I meant to type limit yourself. Now when I say limit yourself, it can be looked at from two different perspectives. You can either limit yourself  from a positive way of thinking or limit yourself from a negative way of thinking.

At times you may find yourself dwelling on the things that you don’t want rather than on the things that you do want, only to encounter trouble and create difficulties in your life. Why does this continue to happen? I mean I try to think positively but keep getting distracted by the ‘what ifs’. You know…what if my house burns down, I lose everything in the fire and I end up on the street; what if I lose my job, am unable to pay my bills, get evicted and end up moving back home with my parents; what if this headache isn’t just a headache but something more serious like a brain tumor; what if  I invest all my money in a business idea by creating a website, buying t-shirts, promotional items and marketing only for it to be unsuccessful. Catch my drift…

You are in fact fearful of the reflection of your own negative attitudes. As Job said: …”the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me.” Just as you allow yourself to search out situations in which to be fearful, you should in turn put that much energy if not more into reversing your pattern of thinking by reprogramming your mind with more favorable thoughts. Rather than blame life for dealing you a bad hand it’s up to you to change your mindset and develop a constructive pattern of thinking. I’m not saying it’ll happen overnight, but good thought by good thought it’ll happen.

“If there is ever a need to impose limitations upon yourself it is in connection with the amount of trouble you borrow. In this respect you should make sure that your credit is no good.” ~Willis Kinnear 30-Day Mental Diet

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