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You Can Never Raise Yourself Much, By Comparing Yourself With Others

By Sunny Mittal

You can never raise yourself much,
by comparing yourself with others,
today you are trying to outdo someone,
tomorrow you will be bothered, by the achievements of some other.

You will be happy and bloat with joy,
on the day when you beat the people,
about whom you have started to bother,
but then you will feel sad and doomed,
when you will be outdone by the others.

just sit and think for a moment, would the world have seen great works, of Einstein, newton and wright brothers,
had they spent all their time thinking,
how many fish today caught their neighbor.

from where Picasso, Vinci would have produced, such beautiful and great works of art, had their mothers and fathers always, kicked their butt and pushed them, to follow and to be like someone other.

Great scriptures and great men always say, true success always comes to those, who follow their heart with faith and courage, work with patience, passion and diligence, while treating and helping everybody as brother.

and moreover at the end of the day,
will you still count that as success?
though living in a grand mansion, but inside of you still burning with, the fire of animosity, hatred and anger.

Courtesy of PoemHunter.com

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