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Redirecting Your Focus

“Do not resist temptation! The key to changing a habit is not to resist it but to replace it.” Rick Warren

One example of this is biting your nails. I’ve always had a habit of biting my nails from a young age. I wouldn’t just bite the tips of my nails, but I would bite the cuticle and skin around my nails as well. Needless to say, my nails were not a pretty sight.


When asked why I did it, I would blame it on my father who would bite his nails down to the core, or say it was a nervous reaction. Over the years, I made several attempts to break this habit. However I always seemed to slip back into my old ways.

After reading this quote, I realized it made perfect sense. Instead of focusing on not biting my nails, I began to focus on making them look pretty, by shaping and polishing them as they grew out.
After seeing how attractive they could look, I didn’t want to jeopardize my hard work by returning to my old ways. By redirecting my focus, I slowly but surely weened myself off of my nail biting ways.

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