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Renew your mind

May 14, 2015

“A negative mind will never give you a positive life.” Zig Ziglar  Advertisements

Are you compromising for the right reasons?

March 31, 2015

When you have to start compromising yourself and your morals for the people around you, it is probably time to change the people around you. Unknown

Don’t resist change

November 13, 2014

Are you on the eve of change? Embrace it. Accept it. Don’t resist it. Change is not only a part of life, change is a necessary part of God’s strategy. To use us to change the world, He alters our assignments. Max Lucado

Change your mind

November 12, 2014

Life is based on perception. Perception is based on opinion. Opinion is based on thought. Thought comes from the mind. Change your mind, change your life. Anonymous

Get back up and try again

October 20, 2014

One of the secrets of life is to make stepping-stones out of stumbling blocks. Jack Penn

Make changes that matter

July 13, 2013

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” Jim Rohn   Click here to visit us on Facebook…

Redirecting Your Focus

January 16, 2013

“Do not resist temptation! The key to changing a habit is not to resist it but to replace it.” Rick Warren One example of this is biting your nails. I’ve always had a habit of biting my nails from a young age. I wouldn’t just bite the tips of my nails, but I would bite […]

Don’t be fooled

December 14, 2012

“What’s working against you is actually working for you.” T.D. Jakes How is that possible? How can something work against you, yet work in your favor at the same time? Consider the obstacles that stand in the way of you and your desires. Those very obstacles could be protecting you or even preparing you for […]

Which way do I go?

August 10, 2012

  “Life’s curveballs are thrown for a reason – to shift your path in a direction that is meant for you.” Unknown Click here to visit us on Facebook… Related articles Those Damn Curveballs (keiththegreen.wordpress.com) You are much more than what you do (positivelybranded.wordpress.com) 19 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself. (positive-thoughts.typepad.com)  

Change is inevitable

July 23, 2012

“If you’re in a bad situation, don’t worry it’ll change. If you’re in a good situation, don’t worry it’ll change.” ~John A. Simone, Sr. Embrace today for all that it holds and learn to adjust for what tomorrow may bring. Click here to visit us on Facebook…